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Product Overview

Gold Series Collector

Gold Series Collector The Gold Series cartridge dust and fume collector combines enhanced performance with ease of service while cleaning the work environment of irritating dust and fumes. The Gold Series may be used for a wide variety of pollution control and product recovery applications. In most cases, the Gold Series meets the 5mg per cubic meter or fewer emissions required to recirculate the air back into the work place on non-hazardous dusts. Meeting airflow requirements with a 25% smaller housing allows the Gold Series to deliver premium performance at a competitive price and take up less floor space. The service benefits are numerous offering faster, trouble-free change-out of cartridges.


Gold Series Camtain

Gold Series Camtain Collector The Gold Series Camtain dust collector is a specialized model for pharmaceutical applications. Bag In Bag Out (BIBO) safe change containment systems are available on both the cartridge access doors and dust discharge system underneath the collector. The Camtain dust collector can be used in a variety of pharmaceutical applications such as pill presses, tablet coating, fluid bed dryers, spray dryers, and general room ventilation.


Gold Series Package

Gold Series Package Collector Just plug it in! – The Gold Series Package (GSP) unit is completely assembled and ready to run. The fan, cleaning system, filters and controls are factory assembled. Two-stage filtration is accomplished with the patented HemiPleat™ Gold Cone cartridge as the primary and a Riga-Flo XL secondary, which yields 99.999% efficiency on 0.5 micron particles allowing re-circulation of filtered air. The GSP is available in two models – a 2 and a 4-cartridge system.


Gold Series Booth

Gold Series Booth The Gold Series Booth (GSB) provides excellent cross draft ventilation keeping dust out of the breathing areas. It can be easily installed by your plant personnel. Workers can perform their jobs unimpeded; no walls, no fume arms, no dust collection hoods and in most cases no more respirators! The GSB is a great option where the process is difficult to hood, and the dust loading is relatively light.


Gold Series Downdraft Table

Gold Series Downdraft Table The Gold Series Downdraft Table combines the successful Gold Series filter module with a custom air table. The design incorporates all of the heavy duty quality features of the standard Gold Series. Quick access cam-loc door handles and filter removal along with tough powder paint finish are a few of the attributes inherited from the standard Gold series line. The air table can be mounted on hinges and eliminate the need for an access door or it can be designed to fit custom shaped parts. The concept is not limited to GS2's or GS4's and can be applied to units as large as can be reasonably shipped.



Zephyr II The Zephyr II is a completely assembled portable air cleaner for capturing welding fumes, grinding dusts, dry dusts, soldering fumes, and other airborne particles. The only thing the Zephyr II needs is an electrical feed and compressed air line. Just plug it in and you’ll be collecting dust and fumes instantly.






HemiPleat™ Cartridge Filters The HemiPleat™ patent pending cartridge design promises numerous and valuable benefits to end users of dust collection equipment. State-of-the-art pleating technology is the key to the HemiPleat’s superior performance. Techniques used to manufacture the media packs of this cartridge are unique and have never been applied to a cylindrical industrial dust collection filter before. Synthetic beads hold the pleats of the cartridge open with wide pleat spacing not found in competitive cartridges, which are packed too tightly to maximize media use. The wider spacing of the HemiPleat design exposes more media to the gas stream and results in lower pressure drop as well as improved cartridge release characteristics during pulse cleaning.



Cyclone Separator FD Cyclones are high efficiency centrifugal particulate separators. They offer high temperature capability and cost-effectiveness. These high efficiency cyclones are frequently used as product receivers, as precleaners to high efficiency fabric-type dust collectors, or as independent collectors for coarse dusts. FD Cyclones have a large capacity for constant efficiency.



Ramtube Baghouse As a self-cleaning reverse pulse fabric dust collector, the Farr APC Ramtube pulse-jet collector offers high capacity and long service in a fabric filtration media. These highly efficient units are specifically designed to control emissions for product recovery in process applications and can be used for nuisance dust in general. Units up to 256 bags can be shipped as factory assembles modules.



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