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Atto® Industrial and petroleum Services Ltd. is an Iraqi company established with an objective to bring an innovative solution to the growing problem of service station equipment maintenance and installation for Oil Companies.

Atto® provide all services related to processing , maintenance, rehabilitation and modernization of all mechanical and electrical systems and components for all types of control systems, instrumentation , all valves types, pumps and accessories of different types by using special materials from  one of the best manufacturing companies in this regard calcification.

Atto® also provides safe and effective  services for the removal of water scale and lime plus it removes mud, rust, and other non-soluble sedimentation In industrial, petroleum and power plants heat exchangers in accordance with modern U.S companies technologies.

Our company is committed towards providing quality assured service to clients in Iraqi market .

Our vision is to be the best service partner for Oil Companies, driving ourselves towards penetrating markets and maximising on our potential. | read more.

ATTO for Industrial & Petroleum Limited Services 2009